5 Packing hacks for any trip

22 October, 2020 2 min read

The hardest part about travel is deciding what to take with you. It is so tempting to take your entire wardrobe, including that cute activewear you wore to one spin class 3 years ago. The truth is, fewer clothing options takes a lot of stress out of travel – it is easier to find what you need in your bag, plus its one less thing to think about when you’d rather be enjoying mango daiquiris by the pool.

Whether your trip is a long-weekend girls getaway, or a 6-month backpacking jaunt, these tips will take your mind off your bag so you can focus on making memories!

1. Let Your Itinerary Be Your Guide

Obviously 10 days at a Bali resort will require different items than a ski-trip in New Zealand. Think carefully about the activities you will be doing, and make sure every item you pack is both practical and comfortable.

2. Adopt the Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is a life-changing hack that will have you packing less but still have a variety of super cute outfits for your Instagram feed! Lie all potential pieces on your bed, and make sure every item can be worn with every other. A colour theme will help you to tie all your looks together, and neutrals will make more colourful pieces look effortlessly chic. With a bit of creativity, you can make a few items look like a lot of outfits!

3. Pack in Cubes

Packing cubes are the best and cheapest game changers of travel. Group like items and pack them into separate cubes, and never have a crazy clothing mess in your suitcase again! Rolling your clothes is also the best way to pack them in tight, as well as reducing creases.

4. Wear Your Heaviest Items

This one particularly resonates with anyone who has travelled to winter destinations or has gone on a hiking adventure. To save space (and weight) in your checked luggage, always wear your heaviest, bulkiest items on top of your comfy plane clothes. This is an essential for those who travel with carry-on only.

5. Protect Your Cosmetics

We’ve all had that trip that has resulted in a shampoo/foundation/perfume explosion. The easiest and best way to prevent this is to simply unscrew the lid of the item, place a small square of plastic wrap over the hole, and tightly screw the lid. No more spills!

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