12 Travel shows to stream right now

22 October, 2020 3 min read

So, you’ve caught that travel bug. That’s awesome! But… well, maybe right now funds are low, or time is tight. Maybe a global pandemic has you isolating at home. Does that mean you have to miss out on some amazing scenery, experiences and adventures? Heck, no! They may just be a little different… experienced from the comfort of your couch! Here are 12 shows to stream if you are missing travel!

  • Rick Steves’ Europe
  • Look, when it comes to travel, Rick Steves is THE MAN. Join him as he wanders through Europe, discovering the most interesting places the continent has to offer. You can watch the series FREE on the Rick StevesTravel Website.

  • Our Planet
  • If Rick Steves is the king of travel, David Attenborough is the lord of nature docos! The series will take you across the globe to all kinds of landscapes that will leave you itching to get out and exploring nature. You can stream it now onNetflix.

  • Free Solo
  • For something a little more thrilling, check out this doco about a young climber who attempts to free solo (scaling rock faces with no ropes or harness) El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Learn more about this stunning landscape in this gripping tale of daring perseverance, available onDisney+.

  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father
  • For something a little lighter, check out this awesome series on Netflix. Imagine taking your dream back-packing Gap Year in your thirties… and taking your 60-year-old-upper-class-set-in-his-ways dad with you! That’s what comedian Jack Whitehall did, and the results are truly hilarious!

  • The Luxury Travel Show
  • If your taste is a little less budget, and a lot more 5-star, this is the show for you! See how the other half live as the experience the best, and most expensive of what travel has to offer. Check it out onAmazon Prime.

  • Up
  • This family-friendly classic will not only make you cry in the first 10 minutes, it will have you itching to get to Venezuela. Who wouldn’t want their house perched atop gorgeous South American waterfalls? You’ll find it onDisney+. 

  • Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat
  • While this isn’t a documentary STRICTLY about travel, it is super fun! Travel to Italy, Japan, Yucatan and the USA, and explore the incredible links between food, people and culture. You’ll find this series onNetflix.  

  • Booze Traveller
  • All this streaming is thirsty work - enter Jack Maxwell. Over 4 seasons, this series will take you all over the globe to discover some of the unique people and tastes that populate our planet. It’s available onAmazon Prime

  • Adrift
  • This movie highlights the extreme beauty of Tahiti, and the extreme dangers of the Pacific Sea. Your heart will race as you experience this thrilling true story, artfully portraying the very real dangers of travel, particularly by sea. You can stream it onNetflix

  • America’s National Parks
  • For something a little more relaxing, you can’t go past this beautiful docuseries from Disney+. It’s the nature documentary equivalent of a Bob Ross video, perfect for winding down at the end of the day. We’re fairly confident it will inspire you to get out and explore the best of nature, too!

  • An Idiot Abroad
  • What do you get when you take an anti-travel geezer and set him loose on the 7 Wonders of the World? Karl Pilkington. This hilarious series is now available on Amazon Prime

  • Outlander
  • Rolling Scottish moors, craggy mountain ranges, cliffs that stretch for miles… that’s what we love aboutOutlander. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Sam Heughen… nothing at all. It’s onNetflix - thank us later!

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